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Smoke and heat exhaust systems

Smoke removal systems are one of the fire ventilation solutions, causing smoke removal from the space on smoke (space covered by the fire or space to which the smoke passes) using a specially constructed devices for this purpose. These systems are also used to create a negative pressure in smoke detection areas, preventing the smoke escape from other zones.

Removing the heat and smoke from space on smoke is to establish a stable layer of hot smoke under the ceiling and a free smoke spaces in the lower parts of the same space, to ensure a safe occupants evacuation and conduct rescue and effective action - fighting.

Smoke removal systems are used primarily in multiple building, atrium, shopping malls and on horizontal escape routes, etc.

The smoke from multiple buildings is usually removed through holes in the roof of the building, ensuring the proper performance of the supplementary air supply. Extract and supply air, may be implemented on the basis of the gravity or by fans forcing the flow. It is important to ensure that such a large smoke stream removed to the lower limit of the layer formed in the zone does not exceed the allowable ceiling suspended a minimum height, staying in a room threatening people or property being situated there. Using the appropriate mathematical relations is possible to identify a suitable surface air intake openings and exhaust as well as the parameters of mechanical smoke exhaust systems.