Scope of activity

Smoke control systems conceptions

Description is the concept of smoke at the beginning is selected object of smoke exhaust system (gravity or mechanical). Then it is determined under what standards will be based on detailed solutions and fire ventilation system in accordance with them are carried out preliminary calculations of its basic parameters..

CFD fire simulations

CFD fire simulations development and spread of smoke are carried out on three-dimensional model of object that takes into account the basic technical parameters of the analyzed area. Assumptions are defined in detail in the architecture of an object...

Simulations of evacuation time

CFD simulation of evacuation are conducted of three-dimensional object model. Properly defined objectives in the worst fire scenarios case associated with the most difficult conditions of evacuation.

CFD HVAC simulations

CFD simulations for day- to-day ventilation have also been performed on three-dimensional model object. Analyses can be conducted to validate emergency ventilation system...