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About Us

GRID - CFD FIRE ENGINEERING use methods for fire protection facilities designing systems.

CFD Fire engineering is:

  • The use of CFD techniques in the analysis of fire development and smoke spread,
  • Determination of the evacuation time using CFD calculations or simulations,
  • Determination of requirements to be met by systems for smoke,
  • Analysis of the conditions in the passages and escape routes.

CFD FIRE ENGINEERING - application in buildings:

  • shopping malls,
  • car park,
  • atrium (offices, hotels, airports, stations),
  • museum, art galleries,
  • sports facilities (halls, stadiums, cycling tracks, skating track),
  • tunnels,
  • underground stations.

We have over eight years experience in CFD FIRE ENGINEERING. As one of the first in Poland we start to use CFD methods to design smoke ventilation systems of buildings.


We work with many fire industry centers around the world. We conduct research and teaching at the Technical University of Warsaw, Technical University of Lodz, School of Fire Service in Warsaw.

Systematically enrich our knowledge by participating in seminars and conferences of fire around the world.


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