The activities of research and teaching


ul. Piotrkowska 213 lok. 3
90-451 Łódź


Research and teaching

We conduct research and teaching at the Technical University of Warsaw, Technical University of Lodz, School of Fire Service in Warsaw. Our publications are published regularly in the trade press, are presented at seminars and conferences of fire around the world. We work with the best specialists in the field of fire protection from both the Polish and many renowned universities and institutes in Europe.

Research works

As part of our business we also deal with research work to enable us to continual improvement carried out analysis and computer simulations. So far, we participated in the work to verify the CFD simulations by comparing their results with those of hot smoke tests in the atrium facility, office building and underground garage.

SITP Design Guidelines

We are also active members of the committees created by the Association of Fire Engineers and Technicians - SITP, creating design guidelines:

  1. Guidelines for the design of smoke ventilation systems of buildings
  2. Guidelines for the design of fire protection of energy facilities